Prof. Dr. Koray Ağras, FEBU, FEAPU

Prof. Dr. Koray Ağras, FEBU, FEAPU

Prof. Dr. Koray Ağras, FEBU, FEAPU

Urologist/ Pediatric Urologist

SHORT CV:  Dr. Koray Ağras was born in İzmir in 1971. He graduated from Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine in 1995. He completed Urology Residency Program in Ankara Teaching and Research Hospital between 1996 and 2001 of which Assoc.Prof.Dr. Demokan Erol was the clinical chief. He had worked in Ankara Numune Hospital as urologist between 2001-2004. He further worked as Pediatric Urology Research Fellow İn University of California San Francisco for one and half year. After leading back to Turkey in 2005, he had started to Ankara Ataturk Teaching and Research Hospital as an Urologist. In 2007, by winning  the travel scholarship of  European Society of Pediatric Urology, he visited Great Ormond Street Childrens's Hospital Pediatric Urology Clinic for two months. He became Associate Professor in 2009. In the same year, after passing several exams, he got the titles and certificates of Fellow of European Association of Urology (FEBU) and Fellow of European Academy of Pediatric Urology (FEAPU). In 2011, Ministry of Health in Turkey first time accepted Pediatric Urology as subspecialty and Dr. Ağras was grandfathered as Pediatric Urologist after examination of his academic work. He let Pediatric Urology Program started in Ankara Ataturk Hospital in 2013, first time in goverment hospitals. He got the title of "Urology Professor" from "University of Mediacal Sciences" in 2017 and started to Ankara Teaching and Research Hospital which is affiliated with this university. He worked as as the Director of Urology Clinic until 2020 August. He is in the Board Member of Turkish Society of Pediatric Urology since 2018 and has been seeing his patients at his private clinic in Ankara.


Dr. Koray AĞRAS was born 1971 in Izmir, Turkey. After primary and mid school years  (Kenan Gamsiz Primary School, Izmir Private Turkish College and Karşıyaka Mid-School), he graduated from Izmir Ataturk High School in 1988. He finished Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine in Ankara in 1995. He had worked as Urology Resident in Ankara Teaching and Research Hospital of which the Urology Clinic Director was Dr. Demokan Erol, between June 1996 and January 2001. He started to Ankara Numune Teaching and Research Hospital in January 2001 as Urologist and served until March 2004, while the Urology Clinical Directors were Dr. Ali Memis and Dr. Ali Atan. 

He started to University of California San Francisco (UCSF) Urology Department as Pediatric Urology Research Fellow in March 2004. During his fellowship until May 2005, he studied on “Genital Tubercle Differentiation, Hypospadias and Endocrine Disruptors” under the supervision of Dr. Laurence Baskin. In addition he attended all pediatric urology operations of Dr. Laurence Baskin as an observer, also having chance to observe the newly beginning Pediatric Robotic Urology Program by Dr. Hiep T. Nguyen, who would later leave UCSF and start the same program in Harvard University Boston Children Hospital. During his stay in UCSF, he attended all intra-clinical education activities of Urology Department. Besides Pediatric Urology, he had found chance to follow the Endourology (by Dr. Marshall Stoller), Andrology (by Dr. Tom Lue), Reconstructive Urology (by Dr. Jack McAninch) and Urooncology (by Dr. Peter Caroll and Dr. EmileTanagho) operations.

After turning back to his country, he had started to Ankara Ataturk Teaching and Research Hospital Urology Clinic, of which the clinical director was Dr. Onder Kayigil. 

In 2007, by winning European Society for Pediatric Urology Travel Scholarship, he had chance to join all Pediatric Urology clinical activities and all operations at Great Ormond Children’s Hospital (London, England) for two months. Here, he experinced to work with Dr.Patrick Duffy and Dr. Peter Cuckow who make GOSH to be one of the world’s leading reference center for complex reconstructive pediatric urology cases and with Dr. Imran Mushtaq for pediatric urologic laparoscopy and endourology.

He took Kelm Hjalmas-third prize for his presentations two times at the European Society for Pediatric Urology meetings (ESPU 2007 Brugge-Belgium and ESPU 2010 Antalya-Turkey meetings). In the national congresses, he won the best oral presentation in 2005 (Marmaris- Turkish Pediatric Urology Meeting) and Erol Tellaloglu award for best Pediatric Urology presentation in 2008 (National Turkish Urology Congress, Antalya).

In 2009, by passing the exams of European Association of Urology and European Society for Pediatric Urology, he got the titles of “Fellow of the European Board of Urology (FEBU)” and “Fellow of the European Academy of Pediatric Urology (FEAPU)”. The same year, he passed another exam to become “associate professor”. After recognization of “Pediatric Urology” as a subspecialty of Urology by Ministry of Health of Turkish Republic, Dr. Agras was grantfathered as “Pediatric Urologist” in 2011. 

During his service in Ankara Ataturk Teaching and Research Hosiptal Urology Clinic, he let the Pediatric Urology outpatient clinic opened in his hospital in 2011, before the start of formal Pediatric Urology Fellowship Programs in Turkey. This outpatient clinic was the  the first “formal” Pediatric Urology outpatient clinic in the country registered to Ministry of Health Hospitals Appointment System. One of the first formal Pediatric Urology Fellowship programs in the country  had started in his hospital under his guidance with a protocol done with Ankara Diskapi Children’s Hospital in 2013. The openning of Urotherapy Units and Continence Schools for children followed. In March 2014, he had done the first pediatric robotic operation (ureteral reimplantation) in Turkey to a child with vesicoureteral reflux.

In December 2017, he attended to the Urology Professorship position in University of Medical Sciences, and started to Ankara Teaching and Research Hosiptal which was affiliated with his university. This hospital was one of the busiest hopitals in the country in terms of both Urology and Pediatric Urology fields. This Urology Clinic in the hospital had been an important referral center and important school for both adult and pediatric urology for more than 50 years. He had served as the "Director of Urology Clinic" during his service until August 2020.

Dr. Ağras had worked as the member of Turkish Pediatric Urology Education Comittee; associate editor in Turkish Pediatric Urology Bulletin; editorial board member in Turkish Clinics of Medical Sciences Urology Section and editorial board member in Urology Bulletin Pediatric Urology Section. From the beginning of his carreer he has been working in Teaching and Research Hospitals of Ministry of Health and he contributed to the educations of more than one hundred Urology Residents and 4 Pediatric Urology fellows.

Prof. Dr. Koray Ağras has 29 published articles indexed in science citation index (SCI) or SCI-expanded. As of September 2020, those articles had taken 678 citations and his h-index is 13. In the national journals, he had 29 articles. In addition to three book chapters, he had 25 international and 51 national presentations  during the congresses. 

Dr. Ağras is the member of Turkish Urological Society, Urologic Surgery Society, Ankara Urologists Society, Turkish Pediatric Urology Society, Endourology Society (national), Continence Society (national), European Society for Pediatric Urology (ESPU), European Association of Urology (EAU) ve American Urological Association (AUA). He knows English in advanced level. 

Dr. Ağras is the father of two and married with Prof.Dr.Pınar Işık Ağras who is Pediatric Nephrologist and Pediatric Rheumatologist. He is currently the General Secretary of Turkish Pediatric Urology Society since 2019 and serving his patients in his private clinic in Ankara.